About Me

Dear wanderers,
Perhaps you found me, because someone already has shown you my work, or perhaps you stumble against a flyer I generously distribute among those, who developed a taste for a good art.
Regardless of how you found this site, I would like to add for your knowledge, that the Artistic Workshop – Karwat Mosaic exists sine the year of 2006, and that not only I create a variety of beautiful mosaic, but also I bring to life antiques, that has been neglected or crushed under the inevitable pass of time.
There is something deep inside of me that challenges my mind to the effect of fixing things unfixable, creating thing unthought-of , challenging stagnation to energy , and listening the rhythm of a good sounds.
Since the 2009, I am leading the Organization of Polish  Mosaic Artists – in short SPartM. There was a five of us at the beginning, but after a few trials and many victories, our group grows, and now is more of us than a few.
We are wandering on streets of a small and big Towns seeing not always pretty sites and imagining how a few pieces of carefully balanced mosaic could bring those to life, beauty and admiration.  
If you too, as I, are tired of looking on an ugly city wall, or a lifeless spot in your immediate surroundings that look around my gallery – perhaps an idea wills strike you of how to fix the unfixable or bring beauty where there is none. And the call me – we’ll talk some more.

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